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Kiriban at Schnapszahlen/Repdigits! Amount of characters is a digit from the repdigit.
11 111 = One character
22 222 = Two characters, and so on...

They will be portrayed either drunk or with booze (inspired by Schnaps), or both. You can ask for any human character.

Hungary x Poland stamp by Tineviel Yazoo and Cloud by silklungs

Spreading Remnants!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 3, 2015, 2:22 PM
                         Hi dear watchers!

Before I continue drawing silly comics or more pictures of Neo-Jenova (I will do both!), I decided to join two contests, because I like the organizers :heart: and the contest themes. The reason is simple: Remnants are welcomed with open arms!

The contests:
Valentine's Contest
Hi there!

It's time to give some life to this group with a contest! A Valenine's contest, actually.
I hope you participate. ;u;
:bulletorange::bulletorange:The rules::bulletorange::bulletorange:
1- You have to draw your OTP (Kadaj x ?)
2- Use your imagination ~~
3- Have fun!
Any question to me ~~ :iconcoolestplz:
:bulletorange::bulletorange:The prizes:[Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Orange]
(Can be more)
[Bullet; Yellow]First place: 565 [Points] and a FullBody Picture from me like:
[Bullet; Yellow]Second Place: Art Piece (Bust shot) by me and a chibi from :iconkadajogameover: like this
[Bullet; Yellow]Thirth place: Art piece Chibi Style from my other page :iconKadajoGameOver: and a basic Icon w/username like this
[Bullet; Green]If you want to donate a prize... leave a comment below ~~~:iconyoyopleaseplz:
[Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Orange]Judges[Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Orange]
Winners! Huge contest! Spectacular prizes!The poll has spoken! Winner in the Family Bliss Contest is:
First Place!
:iconkornaxon:! Congratulations dear, you'll get first pick from the prizes below!
Second Place!
:iconway2thedawn: Congratulations dear, you'll get second pick!
Third Place!
:iconboomchick: Congratulations dear, You'll get thrid pick!
So, contest time begins now! I have scoured the net to find some amazing art and artists and these are the prizes for offer so far:
One chibi drawing (one character) of choice  from the one and only :iconchrislea:!
This kinky Reno postcard  from :iconnijuuni:
One fic from me!
And hopefully more to come! The Winner gets first pick and so on depending on how many prizes I can get my grubby hands on :XD:
So what to do to participate?
Draw, write, make a comic or cosplay or any other art form available to non-mako enhanced humans a story set in the Family Bliss universe. Funny or sad, dark or lighthearted - it's up to you!

I hope you'll join us, let's make the organizers happy with some nice entries! The deadlines are close, but I'm sure we can ask for extension. ^^

Hope you guys are doing fine and are full of inspiration!
(I love these icons :love:)


The Scuba-Kadaj at the bottom of the journal... I don't understand it either. I just found this very old sketch in my drawer and decided to scan it before I dump it. I didn't remember I had it. ^^;

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